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About Me
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Sanjay Singh Gurjar

  Hello  my name is Sanjay Singh Gurjar . I belong to Hindaun City (Rajasthan) a small town located in the heart of Karauli. I have passed my 12th examination from Central Academy Kota. Currently I am doing my B.TECH in Computer sc. & Technology from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information & Communication Technology (DA-IICT) Gandhinagar Gujarat DA-IICT (A Deemed University) also famous as world class institute  due to it's state of art facilities.

My Educational Qualifications :- 

                         Std 1  - Std 3 :-   C.V.M. Sr. Sec. School, Hindaun City

                         Std 3  - Std 5 :- Adarsh Vidhya Mandir Hindaun City.

                         Std 6 -Std 10:- Shri A.V.M. Sr.Sec. School,Hindaun City

                    std 11-std 12:- Central Academy KOTA


                       B.Tech -DA-IICT  (2004-2008)   (Currently doing..........).


Personal Information :-

                    Full name :- Sanjay Singh Gurjar

                    Date of Birth :- 8 - Janurary - 1986.
                    Zodiac Sign : - aquarish.



                     Current address :- Sanjay Singh Gurjar

                                                          Room no:205,Wing-"F",

                                                          DA-IICT,Near Indroda circle,

                                                          Ganhinagar, Gujarat,

                                                          Pin :- 382009.


                                                          E-Mail :-

                        Permanent address :- s/o Sri Gopal Singh Gurjar

                                                             J.B-8 Jyoti Nagar ,

                                                              Hindaun City(RAJASTHA)

                                                                PIN: 322230

                        Hobbies :- 

                                             Playing cricket , football ,wrestling, Listening music

                                             specially the  songs composed by

                                             A.R.Rahman , Designing websites                                                & computer programming.

                        Achievements :- 

                                    *  Cleared  S.T.S.E.exam Iin 10th std.*                               Represented my School  at district &

                                        state level respectively  in Cricket & wrestling.

                                    *  Selected for T.S.Chankya & Marine Engg.

                                        through IIT-JEE.

                                    *  Selected in NIT JAIPUR.

                                    *  Selected in DA-IICT.


      About my family :-

                          My father  Sri G.S.Gurjar is working as  Headmaster                         Govt. primary school . My Mother is also in the same school.



      Skills  to be acquired :-         


                         Programming languages:-

                                     # C. 

                                     # Java.

                                     # Java Script .    

                                     # Html.

                                     # Dhtml.

                                     # Visual Basic.
                                     # Visual

                                     # Asp.    

                                     # Asp.Net.

                                     # PHP.

                                     # Shell Scripts.


                        Operating Systems :-

                                     # Windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP.

                                     #  Linux/Unix.




Sanjay Singh Gurjar
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Ok, let me tell you what I think about myself. I'm warm, friendly, enthusiastic and easy to please. I consider myself as a good listener and facinating talker. I'm an altruist and ambivert. I believe in, and practise, honest self-discloser. I have a passionate interest in experiencing, in living, in relating to people. I like making friends. And I don't wanna loose a single one. Each and every person has his/her own importance in my life. Sometimes I like to placate my friends but even than I don't want them to get angry up on me. My dear friend, believe that someone somewhere somehow special in this small world has and will be having high spirits because you are happy and smiling. So, keep smiling always because it gives reason to someone to smile and it costs nothing but improves your face value.

Favorite Movie(s):Gadar,hum aapke hain kaun,ddlj,vastav,munna bhai mbbs,
Gladiator, ScarFace, Braveheart, Pi, Brazil, True Romance, Bad Boys, Dil Chahta Hai, Bowling for Columbine, Cast Away, Scent of a Woman, Training Day, Don't be a Menace, 8 mile, Wall Street, Adaptation, Lord of the Rings I & II, X-men I & II, Lost Boys, Belly, Sneakers, and possibly some more…

Favorite Pastime(s): taking photos, painting, various forms of visual artistry, writing, lifting, reading, playing pool& cricket, traveling, eating spicy Indian food, mango milkshakes on a warm Hindaun day, and walks around town.

Favorite Musical Artists: Stan Getz, Louie Armstrong, Bob Marley, Al Greene, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, A.R. Rahman, Nas, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Moby, Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, Alicia Keys, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, Tupac, and Ella Fitzgerald and Jagjit singh.


'sandy is best!!'