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About My Friends
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Sanjay Singh Gurjar

We've Shared...

We're separated by
a great distance,
and each day,
we go about
our own lives,
dealing with our
problems, hopes,
families, dreams,
and successes.
Through it all,
we've shared with
each other,
offering each other
some sunshine
and a needed lifeline.

And I want you to know
how much you mean to me,
and how thankful I am
that you're there to share
each phase of life with me.

i wanna tell u abt my friends ........ohhhhhhh not frnz.....they r my life.......n u know i dont live happiely without my frnz.....n  now u can know abt my frnz.......waise mere bahut saare frnz hain but only few r such that with whom i hav shared my feelings like...........nikhil, jaiprakash,jitu.shailesh,mukul bhati,kamal,amit,anshul,bhanu,sujay,,vikas n even many more..............all r very helpful to me............n i like to hav fun with my be friendful to every one.

 Thankful Every Day...



I'm glad I met you
on the net.
It means so much to me
to share a bit
of my life with you
and yours a bit
with me.

The days are always
much brighter
when I receive a message
from you.
It's great to know
there's someone out there
who's a friend,
loyal and true.

Our lives are always so hectic,
with little time to spare,
and it's a wonderful feeling
just to know that you're
out there.

You've made my life
much richer,
in your own caring way.
And I want you to know
that I'm thankful
for your friendship
every day.

'sandy is best!!'