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Sanjay Singh Gurjar



The Kiss!

Dab a bit of butter on your cheek and say, "Give me a kiss". After several practice sessions the "treat" won't be needed. By teaching this trick using the back of your hand Rover can kiss a lady upon request. this is considered a no-trick trick and the technique can be used for an endless number of activities such as EAT, DRINK, SHAKE, STRETCH, etc.

Playing Dead!

When Rover is tired after some arduous exercise and is laying calmly... gently roll him over onto his side and in a calm voice, give the command BANG! As Rover rolls over onto his side, pet him and give his tummy a sratch. Gradually lenghten the 'dead' time. When Rover begins to respond well, point your finger at him and say BANG! Rover will drop to the floor, shot down in the prime of his life, remain limp and motionless until enthusiastic praise is given.

Smell It -- Find It!

Begin with a small dog biscuit with Rover on a Sit-Stay, hold the biscuit up to his nose and tell him to smell it. Tell him NO if he grabs for it. When the nostrils move, praise him and remove the food. Drop or place the food a few feet away from him where he can still see it. Now tell him "OKAY, FIND IT!" Give enthusiastic praise. Begin to place the biscuit farther and farther away and in more obscure places like in other rooms, behind curtains, etc.!

These are only a few of millions of tricks that can be taught to any dog. Rover and I thank you for visiting our homepage and wish you great success and fun in learning the tricks and pulling off these pranks on your friends. Why not email me with a comment?


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