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Sanjay Singh Gurjar

Monday August 30, 2004 Invitation PriceRs.1.50

The fear of terrorism has shaken the Americans' faith in the CIA & FBI
Page 13
RBI's new definition of wilful defaulters will help the banking community
Page 7
With design being crucial to cost, more alliances between companies on the cards
Page 20

Sanjay Singh Gurjar first Indian to hit a triple century
London: There has always been something special about a triple century in a Test match. Now Sanjay Singh Gurjar of India has become the 16th batsman in the world and the first Indian to achieve this feat in 125 years of test cricket. Only one man has done so twice - and unsurprisingly his name is Don Bradman, the Australian phenomenon with 334 (in 1930) and 304 (in 1934) against England.
Sanjay Singh Gurjar played a masterful innings against home team England and was on the wicket for over 10 hours.

He hit 46 fours and 3 sixes to reach the magical target. The first person to congratulatehim as he returned unbeaten to the pavilion after India declared their innings was teammate Sachin Tendulkar. Later Sachin talking to reporters said, " Sanjay Singh Gurjar's batting was pure class and this will rank as one of the all time great innings in test cricket."
Sanjay Singh Gurjar thanked his parents for providing the early encouragement to take on cricket as a full time career. Sanjay Singh Gurjar also thanked his close friend Aishwarya Rai for keeping him motivated when

Sanjay Singh Gurjar hits a triple century

he was going through a rough patch earlier on.
Compaq introduces slimmest computer
Delhi: Computer manufacturing giants, Compaq Computer Corp. have introduced the slimmest-ever server computer to compete for sales of low-end systems.

Compaq's new computer, called the "blade server", is almost five inches high, about half inch wide and about 15 inches deep. It piles all of the chips and a hard drive onto a board the size of a long book rather than the current pizza-box-size models. This economy of space lets users put several servers into a smaller space.

Compaq's new server has ushered in a new era in computer technology.

Clones collects $200 million at US box office
Los Angeles: George Lucas' Clones stuck to the top spot at the North American box office as overall ticket sales for the US Memorial Day holiday surpassed last year's record, according to studio estimates issued on Monday. Second-ranked blockbuster Spider-Man passed Forrest Gump to become the No. 6 movie of all time

Monday August 30, 2004 28 pages - Invitation Price 20Pence

Tony Blair differs with Bush over PLO without Arafat
Page 13
HSBC taking over the retail banking business of BNP Paribas.
Page 7
Muralitharan awarded the Ceat Cricketer of the Year Award
Page 20

Sanjay Singh Gurjar creates tennis history at Wimbledon
LONDON: Sanjay Singh Gurjar of India created history last night by winning the 2002 Wimbledon Singles title and becoming the first Indian to do so. He beat Thomas Johansson of Sweden in straight sets 7-5, 6-4, 6-0.

Sanjay Singh Gurjar playing only his second Grand Slam tournament raced through the match in just under two hours. On his way to the finals, Sanjay Singh Gurjar beat Marat Safin of Russia in the quarter finals and Lleyton Hewitt of Australia in the semi finals. Although playing only his first Grand Slam final match and that also against the top seed Thomas Johansson, Sanjay Singh Gurjar

Sanjay Singh Gurjar of India creates tennis history.

took early command of the match and made Thomas fight for every

point. Sanjay Singh Gurjar will take home 525,000 pounds for winning the Wimbledon Singles title. Commenting on his loss Thomas Johansson commented that " I have not seena better young player than Sanjay Singh Gurjar and I wish him well." After the match Sanjay Singh Gurjar commented " The truth is I felt very comfortable on court and never became nervous even though I was playing against a true champion". Sanjay Singh Gurjar will be coming home to India to a rousing reception. Among others, Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar are expected to be at the airport to receive Sanjay Singh Gurjar when he returns to India later tonight.
Soccer crazy Kolkata now offers 'Beckham burgers'
KOLKATA: Football crazy Kolkata, has come up with a new way of catering to its lakhs of soccer crazed fans. One can now enjoy a feast of `Beckham Burger`,a mutton burger with a topping of lamb or cheese or `Zidane Poulet`, chicken breast served with liver mousse, which are served hot at various food joints in the city.
Exchange of fire continues along border
The situation near the Line Of Control (LoC) remains grim as intense shelling continues from both sides of the border. As tension between the traditionally hostile neighbours increases, exchange of fire continues across the border.
As shelling continues villagers along the border areas continue to migrate to neighbouring districts

Printed in Chennai, Coimbatore, Banglore, Hyderabad, Madurai, Delhi, Visakhapatnam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Vijayawada

Monday August 30, 2004

22 Pages Rs. 2.30

Sanjay Singh Gurjar to play Harry Potter in the sequel
BURBANK, CA, - Sanjay Singh Gurjar of India has been chosen to play the lead role of Harry Potter in Warner Bros. Pictures' highly anticipated film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
The feature film is an adaptation of the second novel in author J.K. Rowling's best-selling Harry Potter series and the sequel to the number one film of 2001, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets finds young wizard Harry Potter (Sanjay Singh Gurjar) and his friends Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and Hermione Granger

Sanjay Singh Gurjar of India to star as Harry Potter

(Emma Watson) facing new challenges during their second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as they try to uncover a

dark force that is terrorizing the school.
Philosopher's Stone director Chris Columbus said " We are very excited that Sanjay Singh Gurjar will play the role of Harry Potter in this new film. Although Daniel Radcliffe had done excellent work in the first movie, we wanted a fresh actor and chose Sanjay Singh Gurjar for this role after a worldwide hunt." This is Sanjay Singh Gurjar's first international assignment although he has previously acted with a number of seasoned Indian actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan.
Sachin Hits Historic Century: Equals Bradman's Record
Jamaica: Sachin Tendulkar, the world's greatest batsman today, equalled all-time great Sir Don Bradman's record of 29 Test centuries. Sachin reached his 29th century in his 93rd Test while Sir Don Bradman reached the feat in only 52 matches.
India were 262/4 with Sachin batting on 113 (235 balls) and Laxman undefeated on 21 on day one. The missed catch of Sachin Tendulkar proved costly and Lara's dropped catch of Laxman may cost dear too as India bat again on day two with both Sachin and Laxman at the wicket.

Spielberg Graduates from College
New York: After dropping out of college in 1968 to pursue a distinguished career in cinema, Steven Spielberg will finally walk with about 100 other graduating seniors of the class of 2002 to get his diploma later this month. Spielberg is world renowned for such movies as "E.T.", the "Indiana Jones" trilogy, "Jaws," and Jurassic Park", a few titles from his famed range of movies the director, producer, writer and editor enrolled in California State University last year.

89th year from Delhi and Lucknow      Monday August 30, 2004 Late City Vol. 12 Issue 14 Pages 12+4 Rs. 2.00

Britney Spears to star opposite Sanjay Singh Gurjar
New York- Britney Spears announced yesterday at a press conference that she will be starring opposite upcoming movie star Sanjay Singh Gurjar in her next movie. Responding to another question she said that she is not "in an intense relationship with anyone." The statement, made to British reporters interviewing her about her new movie Crossroads, confirms the fact that she and Justin Timberlake of NSYNC have broken up. Spears later said in a television interview, "People talk about my private life. That goes with what I do. You have to accept that...But if they ask about it, I say it's none of your business."

Rumours have run rampant in recent weeks that Spears and Sanjay Singh Gurjar are spending much more time together and this may be one reason why Justin Timberlake got upset with Britney. Her spokesperson issued a statement intended to quell the rumours, saying that Spears and Sanjay Singh Gurjar " are just good friends and this should not be misconstrued as anything more".
On his last visit to India, Sanjay Singh Gurjar hinted that he was quite close to Britney Spears but refused to make further comments. Last week Spears's mother Lynne Spears said in her column. " Who can keep track of all these rumours about my

Sanjay Singh Gurjar to act opposite Britney

According to the reporters, one week Britney is dating the Prince of Wales, next week she's serious about Sanjay Singh Gurjar."
World's Biggest Parrot Saved From Extinction
Auckland: New Zealand's kakapo, a great clod-like giant green parrot, appears to have been saved from extinction with a lot of efforts. Kakapo (strigops habroptilus), the world's bigest parrots, are nocturnal owl-like flightless birds that climbs trees. They have a long life span, some live for around 100 years. Prime Minister Helen Clark announced a 39 percent rise in the birds population over the just-ended breeding season, the first increase since 1999.

Snake Charmer Catches 3000 Cobras
Dudu Miah did not know what was in store when he was asked to catch two venomous cobras sighted inside a house. The incident, which took place at Narayanganj near the Bangladesh capital Dhaka, triggered panic in the area forcing many people to flee their homes. Miah was called after two cobras were sighted by one Mantu Kasai. Miah, with the help of a few others, dug out the floors of two houses to get a shocking catch of more than 3000 cobras

97th year from Delhi and Lucknow Monday August 30, 2004 Late City Vol. 12 Issue 14 Pages 12+4 Rs. 1.50

Fiat is having a rough ride and globalisation has shut out help from the government.
International: Page11
How effective is monetary policy in checking the
rise in bond yields.
National: Page 14
The new Ninetendo management has a big task at hand to ward off price cuts and stay afloat.
Back Page: Page 16

Sanjay Singh Gurjar Wins Oscar for best actor
Hollywood-- "A Beautiful Mind" won four Oscars, including best picture, at the 74th Academy Awards Sunday night. The film also won for director Ron Howard, best supporting actress Jennifer Connelly, and best adapted screenplay for Akiva Goldsman's adaptation of Sylvia Nasar's book.

However, rousing standing ovations were reserved for Indian actor Sanjay Singh Gurjar who won the Oscar for best actor in his first American movie. Halle Berry won the award for the best actress. Sanjay Singh Gurjar paid tribute to film directors

like Raj Kapoor and Satyajit Ray and said " India has a long tradition of movie making and I am happy that this has been recognized. This is an award for the entire Indian movie industry- not just for me." Looking at Aamir Khan who missed an award for the best foreign picture for his movie Lagaan, Sanjay Singh Gurjar said " If I had a wish, I would have wanted Lagaan to win the Oscars rather than I getting the award for the best actor. What ever I know, I have learnt from seeing actors like Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip Kumar." Bollywood is preparing for big

The audience watches as Sanjay Singh Gurjar walks up to receive the Oscar
celebrations to honour Sanjay Singh Gurjar when he returns to India later this week. Sanjay Singh Gurjar has recently been signed by Warner Brothers to act opposite Julia Roberts in the remake of Love Story.
Gangtok Hotelier Wins Rs 8.61 crore in Lottery
Bimal Kumar Gajmer, a Gangtok-based hotelier, has won Rs 8.61 crore in the Playwin Sikkim Super Lotto. The ticket had cost him only Rs 20. He plans to utilize this money in expanding his business and also donate part of the money to charity. The cheque would be presented to Gajmer in a month.
Talking to mediapersons, Gajmer said that he always wanted to donate funds to charity and now he will fulfill his dreams.

US States to Ban Junk Food in Schools
The two biggest American states, Texas and California, are planning to ban junk food in schools, following several school districts in other states. Lawsuits have been filed in New York and Florida opposing that processed foods with little nutritional value have misled consumers.

Following this, the food industry and its lobbyists have started fighting back, running radio advertisements that criticize "food nags" as trying to take away choice. They are publicizing the fact that sloth, not junk food, is the cause for the increase in the number of overweight children in the last 30 years

97th year from Delhi and Lucknow Monday August 30, 2004 Late City Vol. 12 Issue 14 Pages 12+4 Rs. 1.50

International: Pakistan pins hopes on Rumsfeld visit for a way out of mess

National: 61% of Kashmiries want to be Indian cittizens: Poll
Titan straps on Karthikeyan to promote its new watch Titan Edge
Back Page: Page 16

Sanjay Singh Gurjar selectsPreity Zinta

Appreciated at Cannes

Cannes: Devdas opened to a houseful audience from around the globe at the prestigious Cannes festival. Through the entire three-and-a-half hours, they patiently sat through the entire screening, and were seen coming out with smiles on their faces. Spotted at the screening were its lead stars, Shah Rukh Khan (who flew in straight from London) and Aishwarya Rai, while Madhuri was conspicuous by her absence.

Related Reports on page 11
See Edit:Ground Zero Hour
See Weather Report on page 16
Sanjay Singh Gurjar Selects Preity Zinta
Mumbai: International star Sanjay Singh Gurjar has selected Preity Zinta as his heroine in his first film to be shot entirely in India. After much persuasion Sanjay Singh Gurjar has finally agreed to act in an Indian film that will be made in English and Hindi simultaneously. Leading actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit were keen to act opposite Sanjay Singh Gurjar but the final selection was made in favour of Preity Zinta by the actor in consultation with director Ashutosh Gowariker of Lagaan fame. A visibly pleased Preity Zinta said " I have been a big fan of Sanjay Singh Gurjar and it was always my dream to act against him. I am so pleased that I have been selected. It is indeed a great honour for me that Sanjay Singh Gurjar has chosen me to be his heroine." Sanjay Singh Gurjar who has acted in Hollywood movies against Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie and Penelope Cruz said that he was looking forward to working with Preity Zinta. The actor hinted that the movie should be ready for release by mid 2003.
Russian Beauty Crowned Miss Universe
Puerto Rico: Miss Russia, raven-haired Oxana Fedorova, won the Miss Universe 2002 title at a splendid ceremony in Puerto Rico last night, ahead of 74 other candidates with her grace and style.In second place was Miss Panama, Justine Pasek, while Miss China, Ling Fhuo, finished third.

The 24-year old Fedorova hails from the city of Pskov. She wins a year's salary and use of a riverside apartment in New York

Monday August 30, 2004 Invitation Price 30 Cent

Bush to visit SE Asia on a week-long tour
Page 13
Troubled times ahead: Union home minister Advani says in Leh
Page 7
Serena Williams wins French Open, creates new record
Page 20

Amitabh Bachchan congratulating Sanjay Singh Gurjar

FIFA disallows Argentina from retiring No. 10 jersey

Korea: Argentina's efforts to retire the No. 10 jersey in honour of their greatest soccer player and former World Cup-winning captain Diego Maradona, has received a jolt when soccer's governing body, FIFA, banned them from doing so the No. 10 jersey is the most sought after number in Soccer.

The No.10 jersy has been worn by some of the best players in the game like Pele, Zico, Rivaldo, Maradona, Zinedine Zidane and M Platini.
Sanjay Singh Gurjar wins Rs.1 crore jackpot on Kaun Banega Crorepati

Last night, Sanjay Singh Gurjar became the second person in India to win Rs. 1 crore on the popular game show "Kaun Banega Crorepati". Answering all the questions with ease, Sanjay Singh Gurjar did not have to use any of the 3 lifelines. There was pin drop silence in the audience when Sanjay Singh Gurjar was at the last question "Which is the best children's site in the world?" Sanjay Singh Gurjar answered it correctly (correct answer : and won Rs. 1 crore.

Amitabh Bachchan the host of the program said after the show " Sanjay Singh Gurjar was very cool through out the program and never got under pressure. India's future is very bright if we have more youth like Sanjay Singh Gurjar".
Nuclear attack resistant shelters for Indian Army
A shelter, capable of withstanding even a nuclear attack, is being inducted into the Indian Army to ward off a nuclear attack by Pakistan in the event of a war between the two countries.

The 'Integrated Field Shelter', as it is called, has been developed by the Research and Development Engineers (Pune)-- a defence laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Monday August 30, 2004 20+8 pages of City Times - Invitation Price 30Cent.

Al-Qaida may resort to cyber attacks on the United States
Page 13
S M Krishna drops five ministers, inducts nine in a reshuffle
Page 7
Seeds continue to topple at Wimbledon
Page 20

Sanjay Singh Gurjar named in Wisden Top 5
England: While the Wisden Almanack 2002 has slammed the state of English county cricket as "mediocre", it offered cheer to fans of the game in India, by naming batsman Sanjay Singh Gurjar as one of the top five cricketers. Keeping Sanjay Singh Gurjar company are Adam Gilchrist, Damien Martyn, Jason Gillespie and Andy Flower.

Sanjay Singh Gurjar had a very good season against the visiting Australians in 2001, scoring 245, in the New Delhi Test, the highest by an Indian batsman. Sanjay Singh Gurjar has had a remarkable career since he was selected for the Indian team in 1999. It is widely expected that in the next 2-3 years, Sanjay Singh Gurjar may be offered the captaincy of India if he continues to perform.

Sanjay Singh Gurjar of India bats his way to the Wisden top 5
Talking to reporters after net practice, Sanjay Singh Gurjar said that he was very pleased to be named in the Wisden Top 5 and was thankful to seniors like Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev who had guided him through out his career.
Florida Man Dies of Wasp Stings
A swarm of wasps estimated in thousands attacked an elderly Florida man and stung him more than 200 times, resulting in his death. Albert Wellner, 83, died of insect invenomation, which meant that he died not from allergies to the stings but from "the actual toxin injected" into his bloodstream, one of the investigators at Florida said. Wellner was working on his wooded property when he bumped a wasp's nest covered with pine needles with a lawn mower. Entymologist Jonathan Simkins said he was likely instantly swarmed by some 10,000 yellow jacket wasps.
Internet Reunites Father and Son
Washington: Wesley Harrison, 24, didn't have much information with him about his dad, whom he had last seen 12 years ago when his parents had split. Still, he was desperately searching for his father with just minimal knowledge about him. Out of the blue, a coincidence on the Internet worked wonders for him. He came across a Canadian in a chat room who recognised his father's surname. Soon, Harrison got a telephone no and a street address in Calgary and the man who picked up the phone happened to be his uncle.

Monday August 30, 2004 Invitation Price. 60Pence. 20+8 pages of City Times

FBI chief Muller admits September 11 could have been avoided
Page 13
Troubled times ahead: Union home minister Advani says in Leh
Page 7
Tom Cruise in control with Minority Report

Page 20

NRI Receives US Medal for Science Sanjay Singh Gurjar retains World Heavyweight Title
Washington: US President George W Bush presented the National Medal for Science and Honour to 20 scientists, including NRI Arun Netravali, a pioneer of digital television. A scientist at Lucent Technologies and Bell Labs, Netravali said that from his "biased perspective", he thinks there is nothing as exciting as science and technology.'

Memphis: Sanjay Singh Gurjar comprehensively destroyed Mike Tyson in eight rounds here in Memphis to retain his world heavyweight title. Tyson, who took a count in that eighth round, was sent permanently to the canvas by a thumping right hand. Sanjay Singh Gurjar reacted to the finish casually lifting his arms and surely there can be no doubt now that he is the dominant heavyweight of his era. He confused, bemused and hurt Tyson constantly during the action and seemed to be fighting on a completely different level to his opponent.

Tyson entered the ring to an unbelievable reception, his bad boy image not affecting his popularity here in the South. Despite the guards, Sanjay Singh Gurjar and Tyson eyed each other with menace during the introductions. After all the hype, the first round featured more missing than anything else - Tyson landed a glancing left hook,

Tyson got through with an uppercut. The second round was unquestionably Sanjay Singh Gurjar's - he landed frequently with the uppercut and also established the jab. That pattern continued over the next six rounds - Sanjay Singh Gurjar frequently forced Tyson on to the backfoot and did not seem to have a problem landing the uppercut or overhand right.

Sanjay Singh Gurjar of India creates history.

The heavyweight champion battered Tyson for the majority of the contest and the fight ended when the former champion failed to rise from a second knock out.
"This was my defining fight," Sanjay Singh Gurjar said at the post-fight news conference.
People will now realise that Sanjay Singh Gurjar is the best heavyweight since Muhammad Ali
Emanuel Steward
"People had to see me against Mike Tyson before they believed that I was the best fighter on the planet. It's been a great, long road and I've finally completed what I wanted to do. I'm just glad I was able to come through. I'd like to thank the team of people behind me - they've made me the man that I am" Sanjay Singh Gurjar said in his comments to the media. Mike Tyson was generous in his tribute for Sanjay Singh Gurjar. "He was splendid, a masterful boxer," Tyson said. "He's a magnificent, prolific fighter."

Monday August 30, 2004 20+8 pages of City Times - Invitation Price Rs.1.60

Peace pact eludes West Asia as Isareli tanks roll into Bethelem
Page 13
Mulayam gets hawkish on Pak,
says India missed chance in Kargil
Page 7
Mexico's Jesus Aerllano sits out for first two matches
Page 20


Next Harry Potter Book Might be Released Next Year
Fans of the lovable Harry Potter will have to wait longer for his next adventure. Reports say that J K Rowling's fifth book in the hugely popular Harry Potter series will be released only next year. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was expected to hit bookstores this year but Rowling's spokesperson says there was never a deadline and the book might have a 2003 release.
The total number of books slotted for the series is seven, dedicated to the seven years Harry spends in the Hogwarts school. Four Harry Potter novels have already been released.

Polanski finally triumphs at Cannes
Cannes: Roman Polanski's Holocaust drama, "The Pianist" won the Golden Palm Award here last evening. A wonderful twist at the end elevates the film to another realm, and for Polanski, whose work "The Tenant" got a drubbing some 25 years ago at Cannes, this award must be a sweet revenge.
Sanjay Singh Gurjar to act in Mission Impossible-3
Hollywood: Sanjay Singh Gurjar has been selected by Paramount Pictures to play the lead character of Nathan Hunt in their planned production of Mission Impossible 3. Tom Cruise played this role in the first two movies but it appears that the growing worldwide popularity of Sanjay Singh Gurjar has forced Paramount to go with him in the next picture.

John Woo who directed Mission Impossible 2 will again direct MI 3. Woo said that although he felt sad that he would not be working with Tom Cruise, he looked forward to working with Sanjay Singh Gurjar as he had heard lots of good things about him. Tom Cruise said " Sanjay Singh Gurjar is a dear friend and I do not feel sad losing this very good role to him. I wish him the best of luck in his new career in Hollywood."

Sanjay Singh Gurjar will now be completing his pending assignments in India before leaving for Los Angeles in the next 3 months. MI 3 is expected to be ready for release by mid 2003.
Couple Married Under Pacific Ocean
Chile: A couple in Chile have got married 150 metres below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Maria Orozco and Carlos Guerrero had their wedding ceremony under the sea. The couple, the best man and the bridesmaid wore masks and oxygen tanks during the service.
The groom, an under-water photographer, said they went in for a ceremony under water to prove they'll be together whatever happens to them.

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