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Sanjay Singh Gurjar

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Welcome to home page of Sanjay Singh Gurjar(DA-IICT) from Hindaun City. Peoples also call me sanju or sandy .my mother tounge is Hindi. .

Whether by intention or just plain co-incidence, you are on the doorway to the cyber abode of Sanjay Singh Gurjar From DA-IICT. It is also a great opportunity for me to come more closer to you cool people via my home page. If serendipity is the key to your arrival here, why not take some time and check out the site. Before I proceed I should tell you something about me. Shouldn't I? I am a Good Guy Grasping to Get God, Glory, Gold and a Girlfriend. I am not going to waste these invaluable bytes and your invaluable time by describing myself. Here's my very short biography.

am a typical mouse-potato for whom software programming is just a fun. I always believe in God, hard-work and sometimes in luck too. I am a bit inquisitive and always have a thirst for knowledge. I try to enjoy every moment of life to its fullest. Gosh, it is really tough writing about yourself!!!! (how am I ever gonna write my curriculum-vitae??!!).

I created these pages just to kill my time.... no other intentions and objectives. So, why don't you check out my other web pages instead. In these pages, you will find my profile, my passion, indeed my entire life in a small, condensed package. So be kind enough to send negative remarks to my e-mail and put only good words in my guest book :).I have this keen (may be it sound crazy to you) interest for making cyber-friends. So, you can also write to me privately. I love getting emails! These are all I can think of at the moment. So, thanks a lot and have a terrific time!!"

jus look it!!!!!

"Lives of great men all remind us  

We can make our lives sublime  

And, departing, leave behind us  

Footprints on the sands of time"  

-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,  

A Psalm of Life.     

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'sandy is best!!'